A Legacy Anchored in Central Park

The Central Park Boathouse stands as a testament to New York City’s rich history and the vibrant evolution of Central Park. From its Victorian origins to its modern-day allure, the Boathouse has always been more than just a structure—it’s a cultural landmark, continuing a legacy that spans the park’s past, present and beyond.

Take a Journey Through Time

New Beginnings: 1954

The Boathouse we know today opened its doors, replacing a rustic wooden predecessor. Thanks to a generous donation from Carl M. Loeb and Adeline Loeb, the Boathouse emerged with a red brick and limestone exterior, crowned with a copper roof. It wasn’t just a boathouse; it was a symbol of Central Park’s evolution.

Designed by visionary architect Robert Moses, in collaboration with Park Chief Stuart Constable, the Boathouse was reborn with a red brick and limestone exterior, crowned with a gleaming copper roof. While it was primarily a boathouse, it now featured a comfort station and a “dining terrace,” offering park-goers a place to relax and refuel.

Evolving for the Next Era: 1983

The 80s brought a significant transformation. With a $750,000 renovation, the Boathouse expanded its horizons beyond boat rentals. The patio, now enclosed with white pillars and retractable awnings, welcomed diners from all over. This era marked its stamp in pop culture, becoming an iconic backdrop in classic movies and TV shows like “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sex and the City.”

A Row Down Memory Lake

From the very beginning, boats have been the pulse of the Boathouse. In its early days, a boat rental would cost you 40 cents per hour. Today, the essence remains. Every row on the lake is a journey through time, a tradition passed down through generations.

Reopened, Refreshed, Reimagined: Today and Beyond

Today, the Boathouse stands as a testament to Central Park’s rich history and the countless memories made over generations. As we honor our past, we invite you to embrace the present – a place where every moment is made to order. Whether it’s a boat ride, a meal, or a celebration, your experience becomes a part of our living legacy.

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